System – Rebooting… DO NOT POWER OFF THE DEVICE!

Guys, I was not really planning to bash anyone on this blog, but … Today I decided to reboot my RUT955 by Teltonika. And here is the message:

And that is it … It is stuck there ever since. Do not power off the device… What do I do? What if I need to move the router to other location? Do I need a battery? But how do I connect it if I can not power off the device anymore? The world will never be the same again …


    1. Well, sure then it will get me to the admin prompt. But well, in 2020 for 250EUR we could have had the self-updating page for this, showing the progress. And, the main point, I should be able to power off even rebooting device. 🙂


      1. Hello,

        I’ve asked to check the RUT955 with all most popular browsers but the issue was not reproduced.

        Whats is your OS, browser and Routers FW versions ?
        Also you’re connected via LAN, WiFi, Remotely ?


  1. The browser is Chrome, OS: Windows 10 with latest/greatest patch level, FW is the one that it came with, never updated that one. Once it will decide to log me in, I will check that one… Extremely slow web interface … sometimes takes a minute or two to log me in …


  2. Either your device has issues or you’re connecting remotely via very slow network.

    Or maybe you’re trying to login just after pressing reboot button ? And I’ll ask this once more, you’re connecting via LAN, WiFi, Remotely ?


    1. Sorry, totally forgotten. Connecting over WiFi. No LAN connections in my house these days (except for 1 special project, but that is not connected to this one, so irrelevant) and all ingress is blocked on 4G operator level.
      Well, clearly device has issues, as web interface is really slow. Perhaps I should use root SSH instead.


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